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Introducing the Yoco Mobile Stool with Writing Pad, offering mobility, storage, a rotatable top for collaboration, and durable fabric in various colors for your workspace freedom!

Finish Overview

  • Stretch Fabric Options: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Army Green, Rust Orange or Grey
  • Leather Material: Fabric (TB) Family
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Army Green
Rust Orange
Light Green



Unparalleled Mobility: The Yoco Mobile Stool with Writing Pad, an IF Design Award winner, provides unparalleled mobility with castor wheels, enabling you to move and collaborate freely in your workspace.

Multi-Functional Design: This innovative stool isn't just seating; it's a versatile workstation. The rotatable top encourages collaboration, while the pad offers convenient storage. It adapts to your needs, whether you're jotting down ideas or stowing essentials.

Durable Elegance: Crafted with high-wear elastic textured fabric, the Yoco Mobile Stool combines style and durability. Its robust design guarantees years of comfort and reliability.

Personalized Expression: Express your individuality with color options such as Light Blue, Dark Blue, Army Green, Rust Orange, and Grey to customize your workspace and create an inspiring environment.