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This is the Yoto Task Chair with Headrest. It's a beautiful, ergonomic chair that can be customized to fit your needs and style. The frame is made of black or white PP, 10 different mesh backrest option, and seat are upholstered in 11 different options of Medley fabric from Gabriel, Denmark.

Collection Overview
  • Highback Chair with Headrest: Black or White PP Frame Finish
  • (Option of retractable footrest for the highback model)
  • Midback Chairs: Black or White PP Frame Finish
  • Visitor Chairs: Black or White PP Frame Finish
    Finish Overview
    • Mesh Finish Options: Dark Grey / Grey / Blue / Green / Orange / Black / Light Coffee / Red / Yellow / Dark Blue
    • SD Double-layered mesh for seat and back upholstery
    • Fabric Finish Option #1: Dark Grey, Black, Light Grey, Yellow, Blue, Green, Cyan, Dark Coffee, Coffee, Red, or Orange
    • Fabric Material: Medley Fabric (ME) from Gabriel, Denmark
    • Fabric Finish Options: Burst Yellow / Jean Blue / Light Grey / Rust Orange / Lime Green / Charcoal Grey
    • Fabric Family: Sunday Polyester Fabric (MA) Linen-like feel
    • White or Black PP Plastic Body
    Dark Grey
    Light Coffee
    Dark Blue



    Customizable Ergonomics: The Yoto Ergonomic Chair offers personalization with 10 mesh backrests and 11 Medley fabric seat options. The highback model has an optional retractable footrest for added relaxation.

    Versatile Design: This collection accommodates diverse needs and spaces with highback chairs, midback chairs, and visitor chairs available in both black and white PP frame finishes, seamlessly integrating into various office setups.

    Dynamic Finish Choices: Add a splash of color to your workspace with the Yoto Ergonomic Chair. Select from mesh finishes like Dark Grey, Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Light Coffee, Red, Yellow, and Dark Blue. The innovative SD double-layered mesh combines aesthetics and comfort, while fabric choices like Sunday Polyester Fabric offer additional customization.

    Contemporary Comfort: The Yoto Ergonomic Chair, with its ergonomic design and white or black PP plastic body, provides contemporary comfort. The headrest, especially in the highback model, ensures proper neck support for comfortable and productive seating during work sessions or meetings.