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Discover the Yomy Armchair – a harmonious blend of comfort and style. With moulded foam for exceptional support, it offers six fabric choices for your unique style. Designed by Claudio Bellini, this chair combines craftsmanship with a whimsical curving design. Elevate your space with comfort and refinement.

Finish Overview

  • Stretch Fabric Options: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Army Green, Rust Orange or Grey
  • Leather Material: Fabric (TB) Family
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Army Green
Rust Orange
Light Green



The Yomy Modular Creative Armchair blends versatility, comfort, and style with its molded foam construction, suitable for lounge areas, collaborative spaces, and art galleries.

Customizable Aesthetic: Customize the Yomy Armchair with six stretch-weaved fabric options, including Light Blue, Dark Blue, Army Green, Rust Orange, and Grey, to match your individual style and create a personalized and visually engaging space.

Designer Craftsmanship with Whimsical Design: Designed by Milanese designer Claudio Bellini, the Yomy Armchair's quirky curving design adds whimsy and personality to any setting, becoming a captivating focal point that sparks conversations and enhances the ambiance.

Supreme Comfort and Inviting Atmosphere: Elevate your surroundings with the Yomy Armchair, striking a perfect balance between comfort and refinement. This trendy and modern armchair creates an inviting atmosphere, offering comfort and sophisticated relaxation.